Be a leader in emerging solutions for senior dogs. Start addressing the effects of aging today.

What is Leap Years®?

Leap Years® is a chewable, supplement system that works at the cellular level in two ways: to boost NAD+ to maintain healthy cell function and supports natural clearance of damaged cells. 

It is clinically proven and we are working with veterinary partners across the USA to support dog owners looking for a viable option to alleviate some of the effects of aging in their beloved dogs.


Clinical Trial Results Coming Soon!

How Leap Years Works

Increasing Mitochondrial Function

Managing Senescent Cells

Advantages of a Leap Years®
Veterinary Partnership

Don't wait to address age-related diseases, make the natural transition to senior care proactively.

Be a part of a network of leaders providing the world‘s first clinically tested cellular health system to support healthy aging.

Productive, time-efficient conversations with in-office educational aids for your clients.

Become a Leap Years Partner in two easy steps

Leap Years® Partner

Your Commitment:

You are knowledgeable about the common changes associated with aging in dogs and are a resource for senior dogs. You understand the science behind Leap Years and can readily answer questions from pet parents about aging and the use of Leap Years.

Leap Years® Support:

We will identify you as a resource in your geographic area for pet parents who want to slow the aging process in their dogs and help build your client base of senior dogs.

What you need to qualify:

Learn about the science of aging and cellular health and have your hospital be recognized as a leader in senior care of dogs.


Get to know the Science

Review the science section of our website and take a deep dive into the veterinary workings of Leap Years


Book in a chat with our Team

Fill out the form below and we will follow up with you, provide trial product, and provide you your unique partner code for your clients.


No, as a trained veterinary professional you will have the skills needed to inform prospective patients. 

We will provide you with the scientific background and clinical information about aging.

A veterinary professional in clinical practice who has interest in the healthy aging of senior dogs and is qualified to give advice.

Leap Years has been a game-changing supplement for my patients. I’ve observed reversion to puppy-like playfulness and energy, restoration of ability to sleep through the night, as well as improved appetite in a 13.5 year-old Spaniel. A 15 year-old large mixed breed patient started playfully romping while on walks with his owner and has been demonstrating improved cognitive function and engagement with his owner and other dogs. I have also seen an improvement in strength and stability, as well as a reduction in symptoms of dementia in a 15 year-old Golden Retriever cancer survivor. The most impressive aspect is that dog owners report positive effects in their pets’ quality of life within 2 weeks of starting the supplement, and the most substantial improvements have been in my oldest and most frail patients. As a veterinarian, it is most amazing to be able to offer a product that can give pets better quality time with their people.

Heather Oxford DVM, MPH, CVA, CCRT


If you you have questions please free to contact us at any time!
We love feedback and love to help.

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Leap Years Partner

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