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Leap Years slowing the effects of aging in dogs, like Chance

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Toto’s quality of life is so much better since she has been taking Leap Years®! She has regained that puppy glow and even gets the zoomies at night before bed, just like when she was a puppy. She is much more attentive and begs to go on walks multiple times a day.

Bart and Toto (15 years old)

Three months into taking Leap Years®, Zoe is following me to my downstairs office again. She has also started playing fetch again and has occasional spurts of “puppy zoomies". I am so glad we have Leap Years® to help keep her healthy and active as she ages! 

Sarah and Zoe (14 years old)

I was so excited and proud when Mowgli was able to easily complete a 22-mile hike over two days. It feels good to add a product like Leap Years® to his regimen to keep him fit and active as he enters his golden years! He’s showing no signs of slowing down!

Jessi and Mowgli (8 years old)

Results for Vinnie in Just 5 Days

I find that Tuxedo wants to play more frequently and engages with our family more often. Since starting Leap Years®, Tuxedo doesn't tire out as quickly. He can exercise for longer and continues to keep up with his 3 year old brother Jax.

Kali and Tuxedo (9 years old)

We are in our third month of Leap Years® and Georgia is so much better! Greeting us with enthusiastic wags and barks, bright and alert. Leap Years® has blessed our family and we are grateful to have found something that is helping our girl age gracefully!

Maggie and Georgia (10 years old)

Chico has more energy and desire to go on walks since starting Leap Years®. He looks forward to eating his daily chew. I have even noticed a change in his hair color looking browner than it has in a long time.

Oscar and Chico (13 years old)

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Heather's best boy Rupert is back

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Why Choose Leap Years

Limits cognitive decline and increases engagement.

Helps to strengthen muscles, enhance movement and restore vigor.

Better mental fitness provides more enjoyment of life together.

Improves overall healthspan and quality of life for dogs in their later years.

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