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Animal Bioscience is shaped by the combination of our passion for the health of pets and expertise in veterinary medicine, science and business. As CEO, with my business partner, CVMO Dr. Ginny Rentko, we proudly launched Leap Years, a two-part cellular health system to slow the effects of aging in dogs.

Founded in 2017 and spun out as an independent company in 2020, we have been working to understand the effect of “longevity” molecules on companion animals and bring them to pets so they remain vital and engaged as they age.

The idea began with a conversation between me and my brother David Sinclair AO, who happens to be a leading scientist in aging research at Harvard. He has been working on the effects of these molecules for over 20 years, in humans, but not pets.

The idea was sparked; combining our professional backgrounds and our shared passion for pets, we created Animal Bioscience. We then teamed up with Ginny Rentko, VMD DACVIM, to leverage her experience in clinical medicine and veterinary drug development. Our experimental studies and clinical trial are designed to fully understand the safety and clinical use of Leap Years.

We first tried NAD+ boosters in several, elderly pet dogs. Pet parents gave anecdotal stories of improvements in activity, body condition and surprisingly, cognition. We needed more evidence, but the stage was set. We ventured to identify another NAD+ booster in the nicotinamide family, specifically for companion animals. Armed with our new NAD+ booster and a study to show it was safe, we undertook a study monitoring activity in more detail. This study in dogs again encouraged us about its distinct effects, particularly on activity and sleep.

Knowing that senolytics have significant effect in elderly humans, we chose to combine a NAD+ booster and a senolytic. We were pleased to see a unique effect in raising NAD+ levels with a particular dosing plan which became the basis of our pending patent. With this information in hand, we were satisfied that we could advance to a clinical trial in dogs.

Working with a leading gerontologist and Professor of Neurology at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, we are now examining the clinical effects in a clinical trial of pet dogs.  These results will give veterinary professionals and pet parents the confidence that our two-part cellular health system slows the effects of aging in their beloved dogs.

Thanks for joining our journey,

Nick Sinclair


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