Kali Weaver

I started my maltese poodle on Leap Years in April 2023. He is 9 years old. Leap Years has been an amazing addition to his daily wellness routine. I was getting worried that he was slowing down on our walks/runs, not as much energy throughout the day. We have a 3 year old pug and they do everything together. My heart was breaking a bit when I could see my maltipoo having a more challenging time keeping up with us. I started worrying that his routine would need to be adjusted and that he may not be able to go on long hikes and runs as often. Since starting Leap Years my maltipoo is keep up with his pug “brother” no problem. Sometimes is even ahead of him these days! He is known for his lively personality. His happy spirit seems to be back to normal. As a dog mom, I am happy he engages with me more throughout the day. Also, his fur is feeling really healthy. He has more pep in his step.

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