Time Magazine Features our Co-Founder David Sinclair’s Revolutionary 13-Year Study

Time Magazine FeaturesRedefining the Time Clock Around Aging Cells” by Leap Years® Co-Founder David Sinclair PhD, AO, and his Colleagues Revolutionary 13-Year Study

Question: What really drives aging?

Dr. David Sinclair, Co-Founder of Leap Years®, professor of genetics at Harvard University, and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at Harvard Medical School and his colleagues have been working diligently for the past 13 years to answer the question.  The team has made groundbreaking discoveries around how we think of the aging clock in a game-changing way. Specifically, speeding up and reversing the aging of cells in mice.

The study published on January 12, 2023, in the Cell Press, discusses the loss of epigenetic information as a cause of aging. Sinclair and his team successfully aged mice on an expedited timeline and reversed those effects. Showing cases of restoration in youthfulness biologically. Spearheading a way to reboot cells through gene therapy with a backup copy of epigenetic directions.

The study, featured as a Spotlight Story in Time Magazine, describes the epigenome as, “What makes skin cells turn into skin cells and brain cells into brain cells. It does this by providing different instructions to different cells for which genes to turn on, and which to keep silent. Epigenetics is similar to the instructions dressmakers rely on from patterns to create shirts, pants, or jackets. The starting fabric is the same, but the pattern determines what shape and function the final article of clothing takes.”

Sinclair has long advocated for the Information Theory of Aging, describing aging as the result of losing vital directives that cells need to continue working properly and efficiently. In the Time Magazine feature, Sinclair states, “Underlying aging is information that is lost in cells, not just the accumulation of damage. That’s a paradigm shift in how to think about aging.”

These findings are a major step towards successfully shifting the human aging clock.

To learn more about the research:  Time Magazine Spotlight Feature and Cell Press.

Learn more about Leap Years® here: https://leapyears.com/our-story/

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