National Pet Wellness Month: How to know if a dog supplement is worthwhile

The growing trend in pet health and wellness mirrors the same popular trend in people. Pet parents often reach for supplements to support their pet’s wellness. As dog supplements become more widely used, questions arise about their quality and the evidence showing that they work. Pet supplements are not regulated by the US FDA like pharmaceuticals for animals. This makes selecting the best supplements for older dogs even more nuanced. So, how can you better identify what are the best supplements for dogs? More particularly, what is the right supplement for your dog’s needs?  As a pet parent, it is important to consider the quality of the supplement, the ingredients and their potency, and proof showing it works.

Clinical Evidence to Support Efficacy

Clinical evidence supporting the supplement’s efficacy with scientific support for its health benefits in the species for which the supplement is intended is the priority. Just because a supplement works in humans does not mean it has the same effect in dogs or cats.  The gold standard for effectiveness is to have data from a well-designed clinical trial which compares the effectiveness of the supplement to a placebo. One potential difference for a supplement between people and pets is bioavailability. Bioavailability is the amount of the ingested dose of supplement which reaches the systemic circulation and becomes available for distribution to the body’s tissues. Be sure the supplement you buy for your dog has bioavailability studies done in dogs.

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Number of Ingredients Matters

What about the number of ingredients? The fewest number of ingredients to achieve the clinical benefit is best. In other words, you don’t want the kitchen sink in a capsule or soft chew. You should have a clear understanding of the effect of every ingredient in a supplement.

Process to Manage Potential Adverse Effects

The company should have technical resources to answer questions and have a clear path to receive and record any potential adverse effects. Leap Years® has a dedicated technical service team including a veterinarian to receive, review, resolve and report any potential adverse effects.

Quality Ingredients and Reliable Manufacturing Cost Money

Quality can be assured if the product is manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). Quality starts with raw materials that are tested and verified for identity, purity, composition, strength and potency. The raw materials must be blended into the finished product via a defined and reproducible process. GMP regulations require that the finished product is tested to ensure that specifications are met to match the label claims and that the tests and methods are scientifically valid. This testing proves that the manufacturing process is done consistently batch-to-batch, time after time. If two pet supplements show the same ingredients and one is a lot less expensive, you might ask why. Quality ingredients and reliable manufacturing cost money.  Leap Years® is manufactured according to cGMPs.

Pet parents looking for a supplement for aging dogs which is based on sound science and clinically tested specifically in dogs should consider Leap Years®. Read more from pet parents of Leap Years dogs below:

“I take so much pride in incorporating Leap Years® into Hachi’s daily routine.” Pamela R. and Hachi (8)
“Toto’s quality of life is so much better since she has been taking Leap Years®!” Bart V. and Toto (15)
“Leap Years® has been a game changer dor Falco – he’s feeling better every day.” Tanya K. and Falco
“Georgia is greeting us with enthusiastic wags and I think her graying is reversing!” Maggie N. and Georgia (10)
“Peony has a bounce in her step on her walks and a renewed desire to play.” Peter K. and Peony (8)
“Chico has more energy and desire to go on walks since starting Leap Years®.” Oscar C. and Chico (13)

Leap  Years® is the first ever NAD+ supplement for dogs that addresses the root causes of aging, starting at the cellular level. It is clinically tested to slow physical and cognitive signs of aging in dogs. A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial included 70 dogs (>10 yrs old) with cognitive impairment and a variety of stable, chronic diseases. No adverse events have been reported. In addition to the clinical trial, the pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of Leap Years have been confirmed in dogs. The pharmacokinetic studies determined the appropriate dosage for a dog and the bioavailability studies showed that the NAD+ level increased in response to oral dosing. 

The safety of Leap Years® has been tested in dogs also. No findings were noted in clinical signs, blood work and tissue pathology with dosages up to 10x and 30x the recommended dosages. In an uncontrolled, compassionate use program in 26 pet dogs, we found that dogs with the greatest number of signs of aging showed the most dramatic differences with regard to return to vigor, improved cognition and activity. These were dogs who had reached at least 50% of the expected lifespan for their breed.

Take the leap and try Leap Years® soft chew supplement for longer walks and restored vitality in your dog. Not only will you help head off age-related decline in your dog, but you will also add more healthy days to their life!

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