Lessening Anxiety: Leap Years in Action

Lessening Anxiety in 16-yr-old Maltese, Arthur

Aging in dogs presents itself in many ways. Old dog behavior such as showing signs of anxiety can sneak up on the pet parent and leave them searching for options.  Leap Years helps to lessen anxiety in older dogs. The information below, was provided by Heather Oxford DVM, MPH, CVA, CCRT.

Arthur is a 16-yr-old neutered, male Maltese, who had severe separation anxiety (would turn and hurriedly walk away from any new person and would squirm to be released when held by anyone other than his immediate family) for the last three years. He typically will pant and pace, wandering aimlessly through his house if his immediate family were not around, until fatiguing himself. He also began marking urine inside the house when no one was home.  Aside from arthritis of the back, shoulders and knees which limits his movement and moderate muscle wasting over his back and hind limbs, Arthur is in good health. He received two different joint supplements regularly for just more than the last six months.  He eats home-cooked food twice daily.

His pet parents tried multiple strategies to address his anxiety including acupuncture, and Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal treatments. Their latest strategy for his anxiety over the last six months included a custom-designed cannabis product and relax medicinal mushrooms, with no effect.

After four weeks of receiving Leap Years, Arthur’s anxiety was noticeably improved. He no longer paces aimlessly and has begun to walk with purpose around the house. He is able to focus on people and not panic when non-family members are in the room with him. He is also able to relax when held by a non-family member and settles in his bed calmly even when family members are not in the house. Interestingly, after nine weeks of receiving Leap Years, the diameter of Arthur’s thigh muscle increased by 2 cm and his mobility is markedly improved also.

Leap Years® is shifting the paradigm of how dogs age. It is a two-part cellular health system that slows the effects of aging and extends the health and vitality of dogs. Animal Bioscience is dedicated to translating the science of healthy aging from humans to companion animals.

Incorporate Leap Years® soft chews into your dog’s life to boost NAD and promote increased vitality and engagement. Try Leap Years® Today and see the benefits for yourself.

When should a dog begin to take Leap Years® soft chews?

All dogs can take Leap Years® daily, but those middle-aged or older (estimated 50% or more of their lifespan) see the most benefit. It may also improve the cellular health of younger dogs with chronic diseases.

Leap Years® is a chewable supplement system that works at the cellular level in two ways: to restore cellular health by boosting NAD+ production and clean out damaged cells to make room for new, healthy cells.

While many pet parents turn to Leap Years® for their senior dogs, it is also an ideal supplement for middle-aged dogs. Research shows it is around half of a dog’s predicted lifespan that NAD levels begin declining. For example, if a specific dog breed lives twelve years on average, it would be the right time to start the chews at six years of age.

Incorporate Leap Years® soft chews into your dog’s life to boost NAD and promote increased vitality and engagement.

Try Leap Years® Today And See The Benefits For Yourself.


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