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Check Out Rupert's Amazing Transformation

Leap Years® is changing how we care for older dogs because it doesn’t just address conditions related to aging, it addresses the underlying causes of aging itself.

Hear from Heather how her best boy Rupert became more vibrant, engaged, and playful just a few weeks after starting Leap Years®.

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Dr. Heather Oxford, DVM

Why She Recommends Leap Years®

Results for Vinnie in Just 5 Days​

Hear More From Happy Pet Parents

“I take so much pride in incorporating Leap Years® into Hachi’s daily routine.” Pamela R. and Hachi (8)
“Toto’s quality of life is so much better since she has been taking Leap Years®!” Bart V. and Toto (15)
“Leap Years® has been a game changer dor Falco – he’s feeling better every day.” Tanya K. and Falco
“Georgia is greeting us with enthusiastic wags and I think her graying is reversing!” Maggie N. and Georgia (10)
“Peony has a bounce in her step on her walks and a renewed desire to play.” Peter K. and Peony (8)
“Chico has more energy and desire to go on walks since starting Leap Years®.” Oscar C. and Chico (13)

Chance's "Zest" and Connection Returns

Benefits of Leap Years®

Limits cognitive decline for increased engagement

Positively impacts your dog’s vitality and brain function

Need help determining the right product? Click herefor a custom recommendation

Helps to strengthen muscles for enhanced movement

Extends the health and vitality of your dog as they age

Need help determining the right product?
Click herefor a custom recommendation

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety


Leap Years is produced, packaged, and shipped in the USA.

GMP manufactured to the highest quality standards: All raw materials are manufactured and tested in FDA registered facilities ensuring product quality, purity, and safety.


Science-based, Clinically tested, Patent-pending formula.

Tested in dogs for bioavailability, safety and clinically, in a double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial of 70 pets.

Based on science from the laboratory of David A. Sinclair, A.O., Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School.

Will Leap Years Benefit My Dog?

Take our Healthy Aging Quiz!

In just a few minutes, our Healthy Aging Quiz will help you identify potential aging changes in your dog. Easily submit details around your dog’s sleeping habits, mobility, activity levels, and several other key areas.

Your responses to this short quiz will generate a healthy aging score for your dog. We’ll share information about what your dog’s score means, how Leap Years may benefit your dog, and how to start a conversation with your veterinarian about your dog’s aging plan.

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