Harnessing the power of NAD+ and Senolytics for Dogs

Leap Years® slows the effects of aging in dogs

Leap Years® is the first-ever clinically tested supplement for dogs with an NAD booster and senolytic that addresses the root causes of aging, starting at the cellular level.

How Leap Years® Works

Chief Veterinary Medical Officer, Ginny Rentko VMD, DACVIM


Clinically Tested to Slow the Effects of Aging

Improves your dog's
cognitive function

Supports strong muscles and
more activity

Keeps your dog feeling like their younger self for longer

Gives you and your dog more healthy days together

Choosing the Right
Supplement for Your Dog

How can you identify the best dog supplements, the right one for your dog’s needs, know if it is backed by science and be sure of its quality?

Since pet supplements are not regulated by the FDA, it is important to consider the quality of the supplement, the ingredients and their potency, and proof showing it works. Read more to learn what makes a credible dog supplement.

Why Choose Leap Years®

Limits cognitive decline and increases engagement.

Helps to strengthen muscles, enhance movement and restore vigor.

Better mental fitness provides more enjoyment of life together.

Improves overall healthspan and quality of life for dogs in their later years.

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Will Leap Years Benefit My Dog?

Take our Healthy Aging Quiz!

In just a few minutes, our Healthy Aging Quiz will help you identify potential aging changes in your dog. Easily submit details around your dog’s sleeping habits, mobility, activity levels, and several other key areas.

Your responses to this short quiz will generate a healthy aging score for your dog. We’ll share information about what your dog’s score means, how Leap Years® may benefit your dog, and how to start a conversation with your veterinarian about your dog’s aging plan.

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