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What specific high-quality standards are included in the manufacture of Leap Years?

Leap Years is manufactured, packaged, and tested in FDA registered facilities under strict quality policies and procedures ensuring product standards are met and product is produced consistently each time.

Where do you get the raw materials for Leap Years?

All raw materials are manufactured and tested in FDA registered facilities that are audited by federal agencies and by Animal Biosciences, Inc.

How are these raw materials tested in the manufacturing process?

All raw materials are tested at their respective manufacturing facilities under strict federal agency guidelines and are retested before manufacturing begins to ensure product quality, purity, and safety.

How is the soft chew tested before it’s for sale?

The soft chews are tested in a registered laboratory with methods to ensure that Leap Years meets our label claims, and the product is free of any impurities that can affect the product’s quality and integrity.

What is so important about the packaging?

Our packaging was selected to ensure the Leap Year’s quality is maintained as it was manufactured and is stable on the shelf up to its expiration date.

How is the manufacturing process for Leap Years different?

Our manufacturing process was rigorously designed and tested with quality in mind to ensure Leap Years’ robustness and consistency. During the manufacturing process, samples are taken and tested to make certain that the manufacturing process is producing safe and quality product. Before and after each product batch, the equipment is thoroughly cleaned and inspected

How do I get my questions answered?

Please use our CONTACT US form, or if your question is urgent, please call us at +1 888- 850-1930 Monday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm ET

Media & Community Stakeholder Enquiries

Our leadership team are available to speak with the media and the community to discuss the findings of our work and our vision of a future for better treating the signs of aging for our much-loved dogs.

Areas of Interest

In addition to the information on our website, we welcome questions from the media and interested organisations or individuals. Areas of interest and collaboration are:

  • Benefits of our products and/or services to help Dog Lovers to assist their dogs to age well
  • Treatments available for Veterinarian Professionals
  • Scientific Research into aging generally, and specifically as it related to dogs
  • Educational materials for students at all levels of education

Media are invited to complete the form above for providing commentary and story ideas.

Our team can readily provide guidance to media on appropriate spokespeople for media stories or offer advice/direction to complement a story idea.

We can help you to reach staff quickly to discuss stories and arrange interviews with stakeholders that are consenting. We can also approach patients and their families to seek their involvement in a story.

Student Requests

As a rapidly growing company we will do our best to accommodate requests from current students. The education of tomorrow’s minds in our field is very important to us. Please also use the form above to ask us your questions and we will endeavour to get back to you within 72 hours with guidance on the best way to address your request.

Why Choose Leap Years®

Limits cognitive decline and increases engagement.

Helps to strengthen muscles, enhance movement and restore vigor.

Better mental fitness provides more enjoyment of life together.

Improves overall healthspan and quality of life for dogs in their later years.

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