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Leap Years for Dogs

Daily Chewable Supplement System

Leap Years for Dogs

Leap Years is a Daily Chewable Supplement System delivered and paid for on a monthly subscription.

It works at the cellular level in two ways: to restore cellular health by boosting NAD+ production and support the natural clearance of senescent cells.

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Clinically Tested
Healthy cells mean healthy dogs. Leap Years® patent-pending formula has been clinically tested to support  your pet’s vitality, activity, and cognitive function.

The first soft chew supplement for dogs that addresses the root causes of aging, starting at the cellular level.

Easy to Administer
Dogs love the beef flavor of our highly palatable, soft, and chewy daily supplement.

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Dr. Heather Oxford, DVM

Why She Recommends Leap Years®

Why Choose Leap Years®

Limits cognitive decline and increases engagement.

Helps to strengthen muscles, enhance movement and restore vigor.

Better mental fitness provides more enjoyment of life together.

Improves overall healthspan and quality of life for dogs in their later years.

Customer Testimonials

“I take so much pride in incorporating Leap Years® into Hachi’s daily routine.” Pamela R. and Hachi (8)
“Toto’s quality of life is so much better since she has been taking Leap Years®!” Bart V. and Toto (15)
“Leap Years® has been a game changer dor Falco – he’s feeling better every day.” Tanya K. and Falco
“Georgia is greeting us with enthusiastic wags and I think her graying is reversing!” Maggie N. and Georgia (10)
“Peony has a bounce in her step on her walks and a renewed desire to play.” Peter K. and Peony (8)
“Chico has more energy and desire to go on walks since starting Leap Years®.” Oscar C. and Chico (13)

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Leap Years® Product FAQs

What are the active ingredients?

LY-D2 (brown) is 200mg of an NAD+ booster.

LY-D6 (golden) is 600 mg of a combination of NAD+ booster and senolytic.

Does Leap Years® contain NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide)?

No. The family of NAD boosters includes NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), NR (nicotinamide riboside), NAR (nicotinic acid riboside) and NA (nicotinic acid). These NAD boosters are chemically modified in the body to be converted into NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). NAD is composed of vitamin B3, a sugar and a phosphate. NAD is an important cofactor for many cellular processes. NAD is important to aging, not only because its concentration wanes with age, but it is involved in the activation of sirtuins, enzymes important in DNA repair, controlling inflammation and antioxidant activity, important cellular mechanisms of aging.

What might happen if my dog eats all of the chews in the bottle at once?

We have tested up to 30 times the daily dosage in a safety study in dogs and found no adverse effects. In the event of overdosage, please seek veterinary advice.

Should my puppy take Leap Years®?

Puppies and young dogs (< 50% of their expected lifespan based on breed) do not need Leap Years®. Young dogs have adequate stores of NAD+ and would not have many senescent cells unless there was concomitant inflammatory disease. Specific diseases should be discussed with your veterinary professional. NAD+ concentrations start to wane in middle age.

Can humans take Leap Years®?

No. Leap Years® has been tested in dogs only and is not labeled for human use. Please keep the soft chews out of reach of children.

What do you mean by “healthy aging” for my dog?

Healthy aging means that your dog stays strong and flexible with age. Your dog feels vital and engaged and doesn’t suffer from age-related diseases. Healthy aging depends on specific genes, epigenetics, blood chemistry and more. Regular veterinary checkups with diagnostics and discussion of goals for your dog go a long way to support healthy aging.

Can I slow down aging in my dog?

Aging is caused by genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. The way to slow aging varies from dog to dog because it depends on individual health parameters. You can slow the aging process in your dog through addressing medical needs, lifestyle changes, supplements and providing a rich environment for engagement.

What is the difference in color between the soft chews?

LY-D6 is a golden color because it is a combination of the NAD+ booster and senolytic and is administered on two consecutive days per month.
LY-D2 is brown and it contains the daily NAD booster only.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

No, currently Leap Years® is shipped free within the continental United States and for a small fee to Alaska and Hawaii.

When will I receive Leap Years® after I place my order?

Leap Years® is shipped within the next business day. You will receive a confirmation email when it is on its way.

I lost my password. How do I recover it?

In the footer of our website, you can click “my account.” This takes you to the login page where you can click the forgot password link.

How do I get my questions answered?

Please use our CONTACT US form, or if your question is urgent, please call us at +1 888- 850-1930 Monday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm ET

Please use our CONTACT US form, or if your question is urgent, please call us at +1 888-850-1930 Monday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm ET

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