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Anyone who has a dog knows: dogs are good for us. They help keep us healthy and feeling younger – and now we can do the same for them.

Leap Years® is changing how we care for older dogs because it doesn’t just address conditions related to aging, it impacts the underlying causes of aging itself.

Clinical Trial Results

Learn more about the double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial of Leap Years, conducted at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Take the Leap and Adopt a Dog this Holiday Season

We invite you to Take The Leap with us and change the life of an older dog for the better. Adopt a furry friend 5 years of age or older, and as a heartfelt thank you, receive a FREE bottle of Leap Years to add into their daily wellness routine. 

This special offer is available until supplies last. Let's come together to make a positive impact and give wonderful dogs out there a second chance for a happy and healthy life.


Clinically Proven

Patent-pending formula proven to support vitality, activity, and cognitive function.

Easy to Administer

Dogs love the beef flavor of our highly palatable, soft, and chewy daily supplement.

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The first soft chew supplement for dogs that addresses the root causes of aging, starting at the cellular level.

Made in the USA

Leap Years is produced, packaged, and shipped in the USA. GMP manufactured to the highest quality standards.

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More Vitality

Helps to strengthen muscle, enhance movement and restore vigor.

More Engagement

Limits cognitive decline and increases engagement with your dog.

More Life

Better vitality and mental fitness provide more enjoyment of life together.

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How Leap Years® Works

Leap Years® is shifting the paradigm of how dogs age. It is a two-part cellular health system that slows the effects of aging and extends the health and vitality of our best friends.

Over time, your dog’s NAD+ levels naturally decline, impacting their cells’ ability to function, repair, and replace themselves properly. This leads to diseases and the breakdown of different functions, physical and mental.

Leap Years® is the only dual action dog supplement system that targets aging at the source – the cellular level. Our great tasting soft chews are formulated with LY-D6™ & LY-D2™, a proprietary combination of an NAD+ Booster derived from nicotinamide (Vitamin B) and a senolytic antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables. Together they work at the cellular level to boost NAD+ levels and reduce senescent (damaged) cells in aging dogs, restoring mobility, heart health and brain function.

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For Veterinary Professionals

Be a leader in emerging solutions for senior dogs. Start addressing the effects of aging today.

Leap Years® has been a game-changing supplement for my patients. I’ve observed reversion to puppy-like playfulness and energy, restoration of ability to sleep through the night, as well as improved appetite in a 13.5 year-old Spaniel. read more

Heather Oxford DVM, MPH, CVA, CCRT
California | USA

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